Team Drives – Unlimited Storage



  • Use your existing Gmail address to access. Hassle free. Zero maintenance.
  • Completely separate storage does not affect existing google drive storage.
  • One Time payment, No monthly fee, unlimited storage and lifetime for all files.
  • Highest privacy, peace of mind. The Team Drive is set to only accessible by you on default. No one can view and access what you uploaded. Only member can access – Team Drive policy.
  • Team Drive can be shared among friends and family as well through the sharing settings.

KEYNOTES – What You Need To Know Before Purchasing From Us

  1. The Team Drive from us comes with unlimited storage space, one-time payment, no monthly or annual fee. Lifetime access as long as the team drive isn’t being abused for an illegal purpose or getting the risk of being reported.
  2. This team drive doesn’t merge with your existing Google Drive 15GB free storage. It’s completely separate storage which linked to your Gmail address.
  3. Team Drive doesn’t integrate with Google Photos. However, you still can upload your photos manually into team drive from the desktop web or Google Drive app.
  4. Team Drive doesn’t work with Google Backup & Sync at the moment. All uploads to be done manually.
  5. Folders in team drives cannot be shared as a link. A File still can be shared as a link as usual. However, you need to configure the advanced sharing settings for each file.
  6. Specify user sharing. To share your files uploaded to the Team Drive with other people, you must add their Gmail address through the “+Add members” link inside the team drive.
  7. Recommended for personal or friends and family sharing use only. No illegal sharing.
  8. No free testing.
  9. Refund is applicable within 24 hours of purchase if the Team Drive didn’t meet your needs.



1. Why use Unlimited Team Drives instead of Unlimited Edu Google Account?The problem with Edu account is the account won’t last long and easily get compromised compared to Team Drives which would still be available to access even if the account gets suspended or removed. Team Drives are even invisible to super admin which they have no control over Team Drives if they are not the member of Team Drives.

As the way Team Drives store all the files in the organization account instead of someone’s Google account, hence, no way on missing Team Drives even after the account get suspended or removed, and you still able to access your Team Drives as usual.

2. Do I need to pay monthly or annual fees?
No. You only need to pay one time to enjoy lifetime usage. Space is yours for as long as you have your google account.

3. What’s the capacity of this Team Drive?
You have unlimited storage. You can upload as much as you want without space restriction

4. What should I do after I made the payment?
We only need your Gmail Address, Password is not required. Just PM or contact me and provide with your registered Gmail account.

5. Why my Gmail account shows 15GB storage still there?
Team Drives DO NOT combine with your 15GB storage.
These Team Drives are separated storage which does not affect your account.

6. Any outsiders can see my Team Drives?
No. Nobody can see and access them except you. You have control over your Team Drives.

7. Do Teams Drives usable in other Google service(i.e. Google photos, Gmail)?
No. Team Drives won’t work with other Google services. The Team Drives are completely standalone storage.

8. Do Team Drives works with Google backup & sync?
No. They don’t. Uploads only can be done manually through web browsers or the Google Drive mobile app.

9. Can I share these Team Drives with others?
Sure you can. Just add them as members of the Team Drives. Make sure you set their role as well. You can do so inside Manage Members settings of the Team Drives. In addition, you can give access on a file-by-file basis to anyone else (view or edit access) and you can “share with a link” including share with the public with or without login required. You cannot share entire folders but you can share files.

10. Who has access to my files?
Whomever you define in “manage members” as access. You can provide others such as friends, family, etc, ownership, edit or view access to your drive. Nobody else will have access.

11. Is there any limitation of these Team Drives?
A) Folders in Team Drive Cannot be shared. But files can be shared as a link like normal.
B) Files from “My Drive” cannot be moved to “Team Drives” directly. You need to download them and re-upload back to team drives.

12. Is this package is another new Google account?
No. No account will be given. These Team Drives will be linked to your existing Google account. So, you don’t have to maintain another account. Hassle free!

13: Can I use the space for email storage?
No. The additional unlimited space is for Google Drive storage only. There will be no change to your email storage with Gmail.

14. May I do a refund if I’m not satisfied?
Yes, a refund can be made within 24 hours of purchase but no refund will be entertained after Google team drive assigned. do not buy if you do not agree to this term.

15: Can my Google account get banned/deleted?
No. Your Google account is not modified in any way. Also, the space added is not obtained in any illegal or fraudulent method. However, please ensure uploaded media is not illegal or fraudulent.




TO SHARE A Link/Allow External Access:




Buy One Team Drive(After Applied Coupon) $4

One Team Drive Link To One Existing Gmail




Buy One Team Drive & Get One Free(After Applied Coupon) $6

Two Team Drive Link To 2 Existing Gmail





Please include your google email address in your payment details. The drive of unlimited space will be added to your account within 24 hours.


Or Forum PM

Or submit a ticket

Or Email directly to me:


*** Provide your Google Gmail Address Only. No password is required.


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