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May 14, 2013
I have 90 days matured earnings of Earning fully ( 90-day) matured: $1423.045. At this time I cannot cash out is because those earnings are not higher than the amount of IPL Utilized which is $15++

However, what I can do is reduce the IPL Utilized fee which is 1.5% ( Processing fee ).

Reduce IPL Utilized Fee:
My total IPL utilized was $1,5++
IPL utilized fee is 1.5% each month
So, $1,5++ x 1.5% = $23.29

Login to Fanbox,

Click mydashboard,

Click I’ll Pay Later,

Select I’d liked to…

Pay My IPL Processing fee



Login to Fanbox,

Click mydashboard,

Click I’ll Pay Later,

I’d liked to:

Pay down my utilized IPL funds

Select Earnings fully matured ( Amount depends on how much your maturity )


As you can seen from the following of my Account Summary:

(1) Total Utilized IPL $1545.45 (-)

(2) Reduced IPL utilized funds $1423.45 (-)

(3) IPL Utilized fee $23.29

Balance = $98.76

Accsummary-2013-05-27_1327At the time of writing this post ( May 27, 2013), my current earnings is $ 224.90


Note: Your earnings roll into next the month. If you had 30 days earnings, in another 30 days, they will roll over into 60 days matured earnings..after another 30 days they will roll over into 90 days matured earnings.

Update: June 01, 2013

Today is the day of my first CASHOUT. This is important to me as I am trying to get a strong proven record in order to get rid of false comments/Scam/Spam towards Fanbox. With this valuable CASHOUT info, I can convince my friends, my students(teaching) and myself about FanBox. If you did not or never earn money online, FanBox is your best choice. Keep sharing your knowledge. You will reach there.

Proof Of Earnings





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